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Oahu Scuba Specials - Group Scuba Diving Oahu

Have a large group? Don't need or want to charter a scuba diving catamaran or diving boat ? Call Oahu Diving. We offer the best in group scuba diving rates when diving Oahu. Hawaii scuba diving doesn't have to be an expensive ordeal, especially when you want to book a group of 6 or more. Call us immediately and let Oahu Diving work out all the Oahu scuba diving details for you.

Group scuba diving in Hawaii doesn't have to be off of a stationary barge. Our dive boat the Nori Z is able and ready to dive in locations like the Corsair, Yo-257, Spitting Caves, Sea Caves and dozens of other shallow to semi-deep reefs. Leave the scuba gear, scuba tanks and weights to us. We will provide, set up and get you ready to go scuba diving so you don't have to lift a finger! To book groups with Oahu Diving just call us. Some of the basic questions we will need is;

  • how many people are in the group
  • measurements such as their height ,weight and shoe sizes for the scuba diving equipment.
  • everyone's experience level must be known so we can provide the group with the best possible diving experience.
  • Name age and email of each participant.


Oahu Scuba Specials - Group Scuba Diving Oahu

Oahu Diving knows what it takes to become a professional. That is why we are offering special rates for special people. Please let us know right if you are interested in our Hawaii diving trip specials listed here.

  • Airline Industry- You work for the airlines you qualify for our discounts when diving in Hawaii with us. This means all cockpit crews and ground staff. Airline identification is a must. Your dives are $115 (Space shuttle crews can dive for free)
  • Police Department - You work for the police department you qualify for our discounts for Hawaii scuba dives. Proper identification is a must. Your dives are $115 (Honolulu Parking Police do not qualify for this discount)
  • Fire Department- You work for the fire department you qualify for our discounts when diving to the Corsair wreck or one of the other locations we frequent. Proper identification is a must. Your dives are $115
  • Kama'aina Rates - Living here in Hawaii? Your rate is $115 and pictures...it's free. Hawaii drivers licenses a must.

Gift Certificates- At this time we do not offer any gift certificates.

Open Water Course/ Open Water Referral Course - Sign up and complete our Open Water Course and for a time period of 1 week thereafter come diving with us for $85 per dive charter, gear included.

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